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March 1, 2024

Discover New Music: Artists You'll Love on Seahouse's 'Mixtape #2'

Written byDonna Seahouse Team

Introducing the much-anticipated second compilation album from Seahouse Records: Mixtape #2. This release marks a celebration of our diverse roster of talented artists and the incredible tracks they create. This album is perfect for you if you're on the look-out to discover new music. Listen now.

A Celebration of Diverse Talent:

At Seahouse Records, we believe in showcasing the excellence of our musical offerings. We have curated a collection of tracks from our artists, allowing listeners to experience the depth and variety of our catalogue. These compilations demonstrate to the quality and innovation that define our label.

Making Musical Excellence:

Released twice per year, we offer our artists the opportunity to be included in the latest Mixtape. It helps to promote their latest singles or album tracks. It's an opportunity for them to connect with new audiences through the ever-growing Seahouse community network. We ensure that each artist receives recognition and exposure, fostering a supportive community within the label.

Empowering Artists, Connecting Communities:

We've chosen Bandcamp Friday as the launch date for Mixtape #2. Bandcamp Friday is the day that Bandcamp waiver their revenue share. Ensuring that all proceeds from sales directly support the label and its artists. Whether you choose to stream the album for free, or download all 12 tracks for just £5, your contribution helps us sustain our operations in an increasingly competitive music industry.

Supporting Independent Music:

Join us in experiencing the vibrant sounds of Mixtape #2. You can discover new music, in which every track tells a unique story and reflects the creative spirit of Seahouse Records. Explore, enjoy, and support independent music today.

Track List and Artist Spotlights:

1. Distorted Model - 'Some Things Are Meant To Be':

Hailing from Essex, Distorted Model is a four-piece band that are known for their mesmerizing blend of dreampop, shoegaze, and indie sounds. Influenced by the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Alvvays, they've gathered lots of attention since their formation in 2019. Their debut EP and singles have received widespread acclaim and radio play, showcasing their dedication to crafting immersive and evocative music.

2. Olivia Dacre - 'Just Like That'.

At just 16 years old, Olivia Dacre is already making waves as an acoustic singer-songwriter from Cumbria. With a passion for creating her own music, Olivia has become a fixture in the Barrow-in-Furness local music scene. Performing at festivals and events across the region, her soulful vocals and original compositions have earned her recognition. Her music is now aired frequently on platforms like BBC Introducing and CumbriaNow, solidifying her reputation as a young rising star.

3. Mark Docherty - 'Waiting For Mars'

Mark Docherty is a seasoned musician with a knack for crafting unique sounds. Drawing inspiration from the likes of David Bowie and Jack White, Mark's music spans multiple genres and styles, showcasing his versatility and creativity. With achievements including BBC Introducing support and headlining performances at festivals like YNOT. Mark continues to push boundaries with his distinctive musical vision.

4. Jonny Swift - 'Yellow Car'

Jonny Swift, a Cumbrian singer-songwriter, has made a name for himself both as a solo artist and as a former member of acclaimed bands such as Beat The Radar to name one. With successful solo albums and airplay on BBC Radio 6, Jonny's music entertains audiences with his unique take on lyric blending and infectious melodies. Beyond his musical pursuits, Jonny is known for his charitable endeavours, raising funds for local causes through his music and activism.

5. PaZz - 'System Fail (Mike Jolly Extended Remix)'

PaZz is a collaboration between talented musicians who crossed paths backstage during the BuZzcocks Flat Pack Philosophy Tour. They bring together a variation of sounds and influences with their debut album, 'Nothing on the Custard,' showcasing their diverse musical backgrounds and experimental approach to music-making. With their electrifying remix of "System Fail," PaZz continues to push boundaries and defy expectations in the world of music.

6.Emker Cel - 'Wrong Side Of Town'

Emker Cel, the brainchild of songwriter/producer Matt Kassell, is a project characterised by its atmospheric soundscapes and emotive storytelling. With multiple albums and collaborations under his belt, Emker Cel continues to evolve and experiment in the music industry, creating sonic landscapes that resonate deeply with listeners. Emker Cel's music inspires, that's for sure!

7. Jordan Gaffney - 'Just A Little'

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Jordan Gaffney crafts songs that reflect the joys and challenges of everyday life. Drawing inspiration from artists like Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys, Jordan's music combines introspective lyrics with catchy tunes earning him regular airplay on BBC Introducing. As a presenter for Salford City Radio and a dynamic performer on the live circuit, Jordan brings his energy and charm to audiences across the UK.

8. Johnkeyboard - 'Schnauze'

With roots in Manchester and South Cumbria, Johnkeyboard is a songwriter and musician known for his musical style. His self-released album, 'Binary Codes,' showcases his diverse influences, ranging from chamber pop to electronica. Through his music, Johnkeyboard explores themes of life and identity, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery and reflection.

9. Grant Curnow - 'Song for my Parallel Self'

Grant Curnow, an alternative comedian and folk singer based in Manchester, brings a unique blend of humour to his music. With performances at prestigious venues such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Grant has gained a reputation for his witty lyrics and engaging stage presence. Armed with a ukulele and his trusted sidekick, Mini Dalek, Grant delights audiences with his quirky charm and enthusiasm.

10. Insula - 'Afterglow'

With influences ranging from punk to classic rock, Insula is a hardworking live band known for their catchy tunes and energetic performances. Following the release of their EP and successful festival appearances, Insula continues to make waves in the music scene with their strong stage presence, full of power.

11. The AeroBees - 'Out Of Nowhere'

Formed in 2022, The AeroBees is an alternative indie duo from the Furness area. With their debut EP, 'Clear Vision,' the duo showcases their musical chemistry and song writing prowess, earning a spot on the charity album Bags of Love 5. With a passion for creating music that resonates with listeners, The AeroBees continue to push boundaries and defy expectations in the indie music scene.

12. Prater Monks - 'You Are Not Your Thoughts (You Are More, You Are Amazing!)'

Based on Walney Island, Prater Monks is an experimental indie pop group. With a penchant for pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories, Prater Monks entertains audiences with their infectious energy. As they continue to write, rehearse, and record, Prater Monks promises to deliver more music in the years to come that you are sure to love!

Discover New Music: Artists You'll Love on

Seahouse Mixtape #2


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