Artist Events 2024


3rd March: Jordan Gaffney @ Night & Day, Manchester, UK

21st March: Jordan Gaffney @ Luna, Leytonstone, UK

23rd March: Olivia Dacre @ The Sun Inn, Ulverston, UK


12th April: The Aerobees @ Barrow Cricket Club, UK

12th April: Somerset Festival inc Jordan Gaffney @ Somerset, UK


4th May: Insula & Alright @ Barrow Underground Society, UK

5th May: Olivia Dacre @ The Sun Inn, Ulverston, UK

25th May: Jordan Gaffney @ The Source Collective, Carlisle, UK


1st-2nd June: Retro Rendezvous inc Olivia Dacre @ Ulverston, UK

14th - 16th June: Another Fine Festival inc Seahouse Artists @ Ulverston, UK

21st-22nd June: Insula & The Aerobees @ Grizedale Rocks, Ulverston, UK


19th July: Insula & Fizzy Milk @ The Meeting Place, Barrow-in-Furness, UK

26th July: O'ker Fest inc Jordan Gaffney @ Boston, UK