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November 28, 2023

Another Fine Fess

Written byFIWebteam

We admit it. We've probably taken too much on. Another bumper month of new releases, new artists, new videos, another new podcast edition, and our first festival stage. A finer fess you will not find!

Another Fine Fest is Ulverston's annual celebration of music, comedy, arts, dance, food and drink, and we are thrilled to be a part of it with our very own stage. On Saturday 17th June, from 5pm, we take over the Piel Castle Inn to provide an evening of original music from Seahouse Records artists. Stage times:

5pm Seahouse Disco

6pm Emker Cel (bass and vocals, live PA)

6.50 Baa Chords

7.40 Jamie Bosanko (band)

8.30 Prater Monks

9.20 Mark Docherty (band)

10.10 Insula

11pm Fizzy Milk

We would love to see you there. Come and say hi, and enjoy the night with us all.

Mark Docherty releases his debut album Reckless Abandon on Friday 16th June. We are thrilled to have Mark onboard, and his single releases so far only hint at how good this album is going to be. Reviews are full of praise for this record, and rightly so. Comparisons to artists such as Nick Cave, Beck, and Depeche Mode can only be a good thing, right?

You've still got time to pre-save Reckless Abandon here and watch the video for the title track here .

Emker Cel releases Understood as a new single on Saturday 17th June. This song has an interesting back story: Matt made the demo with Field Music at their Sunderland studio before re-recording it back at his own Digital Man Studio in Barrow. You can still hear some of the Brewis Brothers' signature production ideas in this busy little number, which features Dave Fox on drums, and Pete Kassell on guitars. Another single taken from the forthcoming album You Are Everything You Are, the Understood video premieres this Friday at 9pm on YouTube. Join us!

Prater Monks are back! Songwriter and frontman Mark Preston has been hammering away in his shed at a plethora of new material for ages now, and we are thrilled to start hearing the results.

'Dignity' is the band's first single in two years, and is a glorious upbeat tune that has been likened to 90s legends Blur and James, but this is unmistakably Prater.

A very excellent video for Dignity, featuring a cast of Seahouse alumni, premieres on the same day as the single release, Monday 19th June.

Our newest signing is Linnéa, and she releases her first single through Seahouse on Tuesday June 20th. Lonely is the title, and you can presave it here .

Linnéa fuses rock influences such as Nirvana, The Dead Weather, and Evanescence with the pop vocal stylings of Britney, Christina Aguilera and Shakira to create her unique sound.

We are very excited to see what Linnéa does next, and we welcome her with open arms and open ears!

Not a month goes by without this guy doing something. Jonny Swift is currently working on new tunes for his fourth album, but he is releasing this single, Summer Solstice (élan vital remix) on Wednesday 21st June which is, yeah you guessed it, summer solstice.

This remix is a real departure from the album version of the song found on Kalimera, and adds drum and bass and ambient influences to the song. A real summer tune, you can presave it here

Last night Deb Henry made the mistake of allowing Prater Monk's Mark, Insula's Darryl and Emker Cel's Matt onto her Cando FM show.

The plan was to discuss the Seahouse Stage at Another Fine Fest as well as all of our new releases coming this month.

The heat went to everyone's heads and the resultant mess can be heard here

We thank Deb for her patience and understanding in what was obviously a very trying situation for her.

The great news for her is that we're planning to do more!

In other news, the Seahouse Records website has been updated to include all forthcoming releases, a bigger selection of videos, and a page for our Podcasts: look out for a new Mark Preston / Prater Monks edition very very soon!

We will be back soon, after Another Fine Fest, with news of yet further new releases, another new artist, and some very excellent new community projects from your favourite indie record label.

See you at Another Fine Fest? Thanks for your continues support.

Love from The Seahouse Records Team.


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