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November 28, 2023

This behaviour is unacceptable!

Written byFIWebteam

Well, look at the muck in 'ere! Jonny Swift can't ever be accused of being lazy, can he? Not with his musical output, anyway. But some folk may see him in a different light. His new single Pigsty is out this Friday, and it's a modern-day stormer of a tune. He's made a video as well (I told you he wasn't lazy) which Premieres on YouTube tomorrow night (Thursday 18th May) at 8pm. Join in the mucky fun, oink oink!

Elsewhere, Jamie Bosanko has a full band up and running, with successful gigs played recently at Barrow Ciderfest and at the Seahouse Showcase at BUMS, which was a terrific and well-attended event last week. Jamie is one of the acts also playing at our Seahouse Stage at Another Fine Fest in June (more to come on that). He is currently planning a couple of new single releases and a video, and has a brand new interview published online today with Illustrate Magazine, which you can read here.

New music alert: Mark Docherty releases the title track from his album on 3rd June. You can pre-save the Reckless Abandon single here and the album (due out 16th June) here.

The AeroBees release their first single of the year on 26th May. No Angel is an atmospheric, spacious piece of acoustic pop, featuring Scott and Tom on guitars with guest rhythm section Mike Garnett (Scott's dad) and Emker Cel on bass and drums!

Pre-save No Angel here.

As mentioned earlier, Seahouse Records are taking over the Piel Castle in Ulverston on the evening of Saturday 17th June as part of Another Fine Fest. You can see the official festival website here which includes an interactive programme detailing all of the 3-day festival activities in the birth town of Stan Laurel. Seahouse artists playing at our Piel Castle stage include Emker Cel (solo bass and vocals with live PA), Mark Docherty (full band debut!), Prate Monks, Jamie Bosanko (full band), Insula, Fizzy Milk (duo set), and special guests Baa Chords from Kendal.

We recently bid happy 16th birthday to Olivia Dacre! Her mum Donna is over the man on the moon that she no longer has to fill in the child-slavery forms whenever Olivia does a gig, so that's good news!

Olivia is currently doing her GCSEs, and I'm sure you join us in wishing her the best of luck. No music though, I don't think. She just does that in the real world.

@Speaking of which, Once her exams are over at the end of June, Olivia is looking to fill her long summer with live bookings in Furness and South Cumbria / North Lancs. She cna be contacted via Seahouse or directly at

The same goes for all our live acts: if you are interested in booking any one of them, please feel free to contact them via their social media pages from our website, or we can pass messages along.

Studio gossip: Insula have recorded 5 new songs last weekend at Digital Man Studios in Barrow, and we are looking forward to hearing them. The band plan to release them as singles, at regular intervals this summer. You can check out a short video of their studio visit here

We'll be back soon, with news of new releases from Emker Cel, Prater Monks, Jamie Bosanko and more, a Seahouse special songwriters event, a new charity gig, a music industry lecture by Professor Mark Docherty, plus a new artist announcement (or two or three hopefully!).

Til then, keep yer noses clean you little piggies! Don't forget to listen to all our artists on Amazing Radio.

Grunt grunt, oink oink, love from all at Seahouse Farm xx


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