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November 27, 2023

May you never...

Written byFIWebteam

...go without the essentials. Food, drink, shelter, love and music. Everything else is a bonus, but these are the things you need. And here at Seahouse, we try and provide you with at least one of life's essentials (until we open our chain of budget hotels).

This Sunday sees our sixth Seahouse Showcase, our semi-regular live events where we bring in-person experiences of the music we record. Our hosts again are BUMS (Barrow Underground Music Society), and we have an all-dayer planned, featuring top Seahouse acts plus some special guests too.

The event starts at 2pm, and goes on 'til late, and is yours for just a fiver.

Jamie Bosanko (full band)

Jonny Swift (solo)

Emker Cel (solo, live bass and vocals)

Prater Monks


plus special guests Jorgie Sam Wilson, Alcove, and Chris Garratt.


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